Monthly Subscription Filter Coffee Bean 150g/100g x 2
Monthly Subscription Filter Coffee Bean 150g/100g x 2

Monthly Subscription Filter Coffee Bean 150g/100g x 2

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Current Month July 2023

1. Er - Ethiopia Rumudamo COE#2 2020 JARC Washed

Yellow Lemon / Peach / Bergomont / White Flower / Elegant


 2. GN19 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

Rose / Jasmine / Strawberry / Grape / Cherry / Red Plum / Bubble Gum / Panela / Lemongrass / Sparkling / Kiwi / Well Balance / Silky Mouthfeel / Cacao Nibs / Juicy, and Long Aftertaste.




 Drinking History:

August2023 - GN19 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

July2023 - Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Nature

June 2023 - GN26 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

May 2023 - Colombia Finca Jardin & Finca Chambacu Natural

April 2023 -  Bolivia Finca Las Alasita Geisha Washed

Mar 2023 - Honduras El Puente Hanabi Anaerobic Natural

Feb 2023 - Bolivia Finca Las Alasita Geisha Natural

Jan 2023 - Colombia Hulia La Primavera Jose Bernal Washed

Dec 2022 - Indonesia Sumatra Aulia Kahfi Natural

Nov 2022 - AeroPress Championship Competition - Kenya AB Washed

Oct 2022 - Ethiopia Sidamo Arsi Washed

Sep 2022 - Kenya Gachatha AA Top Microlot

Aug 2022 - Ethiopia Sasa 74112 Natural





About this month’s Subscription Bean:

Honduras El Puente Hanabi

Low Temperature Anaerobic Natural



Tasting Notes
Purple Grape / Blueberry / Tropical fruit / Chocolate / High sweetness & body

Roaster’s Notes

We love coffee from Honduras and we love El Puente even more! We have also put sustainability and ESG on focus and also won the champion of 2016 Cup of Excellence. 

This Catuai has undergone an unique processing method in order to fully exhibit the fruitiness of this coffee. First the cherries were placed in a sealed container for simple fermentation for three days under 22 degree Celsius. Then cherries were moved to raised beds in green house for natural process for 25 days until the optimal water content has reached in order to generate the complexity and delicate acidity.

This coffee is packed with purple grapes and sweetness and roasted to light roast level. We recommend to brew this coffee with lower than normal water temperature to highlight these characters.






Roaster’s Choice Monthly Subscription single origin filter coffee bean 150g x2


Our roasters choosing 2 of the best performing coffee beans of the month and roasted to light roast for filter coffee lover every month. 150g Each.


Q & A


Is that a good deal?


For sure! We are selecting those coffee which are normally costing $135 / 150g or even more. So if you are not sure what to choose you can simply let us do the job for you.


Why monthly subscription?


Because we are constantly looking for great coffee to share and discuss. The monthly coffee will be talked in great detail including brew method, taste description and special instruction. You can definitely find it fun to drink coffee with us.


When is the cut off day per month?


Every 5th of the month we will rotate to our next monthly choice of coffee. 


When will I receive my coffee?


We will process your order on the day of the transaction day every month. Subject to roasting schedule your coffee shall arrive in the next few days to maintain our 10 days freshness standard.


What kind of coffee can we expected?


You can expect all kinds of coffee varieties and different origins & processing methods . We will try to keep it interesting and rotating the coffees.


How often do you rotate the coffee?


Every month you will receive two different coffee and we would rotate a new coffee and keep one coffee. The new coffee is for you to explore the new flavor while you can work on your recipe on the previous coffee. 


What if I have ordered more than one subscription coffee, are they going to be different?


The answer is NO, we only focus on one coffee per month so if you order more you will get the same coffee with more volume.


Where can I find out more about monthly subscription coffee?


The monthly selection coffee will be featured in our social media ie instagram @roastwork and on our web


How fresh can I expect my monthly subscription coffee?


Your coffee should be freshly roasted weekly. However the coffee should not be over 10 days after roast.