Roasting every Tuesday / We ship for free now*
Roasting every Tuesday / We ship for free now*
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About us

roastwork is an independent coffee roasting company established in 2014. Our vision is to promote locally roasted specialty coffee simply because they taste better, fresher by default, plus greatly reduces the carbon footprint during the whole process.



We source our coffee bean globally in a regular base to ensure green bean quality is always top notch and in season. Our team are coffee professionals who acquired CQI Q Arabica Grader & Q Robuster Grader Certifications which are the highest level in the industry.



Consistency is paramount to us and we are running on 2 identical Giesen machines with digital burner and air pressure controls. Computerized roast profiler aids our roast yet we still insist on roasting every single batch manually by our roasting team. Perfection can be achieved when craftsmanship meets consistency.


Social Awareness 

Direct trading with farms and importing green bean from conscience importers is our business model and we believe while you are drinking the coffee, coffee producers around the globe could also benefit from coffee too. In fact, we have planted 1000 coffee trees of our own in Colombia to help this beautiful coffee nation and people.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Coffee business often involve a great deal of carbon emission as the origin and roasting are seperated by continents. Although espresso are invented in Italy however Europe does not produce a single coffee bean commercial. The massive carbon footprint is created while green coffee is harvested and shipped to roasting facility and then ship to your home again. We are changing this by roasting coffee in the same city as you live.


What else?

We love our coffee and we are passionate about what we do. Currently we are the official partner and host of the World Aeropress Championship in Hong Kong as we are also champion back in 2018. The idea of roasting and brewing amazing coffee while promoting specialty coffee industry we simply cannot say no to it!

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