Roasting Sustainability

Roasting Sustainability for a Better Future

At ROASTWORK, our mission and vision revolve around "roasting sustainability" in the coffee industry. We are passionately committed to sourcing coffee beans in a responsible manner that uplifts and rewards farmers, reshaping the industry for good. From tackling climate change and deforestation to addressing human rights, poverty, and unsustainable farming practices, we recognize the significant challenges faced by the coffee supply chain.


Our sustainability standards serve as a foundation for ensuring that all practices throughout the supply chain align with rigorous social, environmental, and economic criteria. By classifying our coffee as "responsibly sourced," we guarantee compliance with mandatory Critical Indicators, which aim to eliminate human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Moreover, we encourage continuous improvement by setting benchmarks through Improvement Indicators, encompassing a wide range of sustainable practices.

Collaborating closely with farmers of all sizes, we strive to enhance their practices in line with our requirements. We provide comprehensive support, regular training, and access to vital farm services, including inputs and tools. Our sustainability efforts revolve around three core pillars: Caring for People, Investing in Farmers, and Protecting Our Planet.

As an experienced coffee roaster, our goal is to expand the availability of responsibly sourced coffee, ensuring a robust and sustainable supply chain. By aligning our actions with our sustainability goals, we foster deeper engagement with farmers and work towards a brighter future for the coffee industry.

Together, let's embark on the journey of "Roasting Sustainability" and create lasting positive change.