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espresso crash course x La Marzocco

espresso crash course x La Marzocco

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espresso crash course x La Marzocco

Interested in owning you espresso machine? Or having trouble to make coffee like your favorite barista?

A Comprehensive Introduction to Espresso with La Marzocco Linea Mini

Class size: 4-8 person (or any private groups are welcome)

Location: La Marzocco Official Distributor - Caffair (觀塘鴻圖道德36號百利街中心3樓) 

Duration: 2 hours

Introduction (5 minutes)
- Welcome and brief introduction to the world of espresso
- Importance of understanding the basics of espresso preparation

Part 1: Espresso Fundamentals (30 minutes)
1. What is Espresso?
- Definition and characteristics of espresso
- How espresso differs from regular coffee

2. Espresso Beans
- Types of beans used for espresso
- Importance of freshness and proper storage

3. Espresso Machines (La Marzocco Linea Mini)
- Overview of different types of espresso machines (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)
- Key components and their functions

4. Grinder Selection and Grinding Basics
- Importance of a quality grinder
- Basics of grind size and its impact on extraction

Part 2: Espresso Preparation (1 hour)
1. Espresso Brewing Process
- Step-by-step breakdown of the brewing process
- Importance of water temperature and pressure

2. Dosing and Tamping
- Understanding the ideal dose of coffee for a shot
- Proper tamping techniques for consistent extraction

3. Shot Timing and Extraction
- Introduction to shot timing and extraction parameters
- Identifying signs of under-extraction and over-extraction

4. Milk Steaming and Latte Art Basics
- Techniques for steaming milk to achieve the right texture
- Introduction to basic latte art designs

Part 3: Troubleshooting and Maintenance (20 minutes)
1. Common Espresso Issues
- Troubleshooting common problems like channeling, uneven extraction, etc.
- Solutions to rectify these issues

2. Machine and Grinder Maintenance
- Essential cleaning and maintenance routines for espresso machines and grinders
- Tips for prolonging the lifespan of equipment

Conclusion and Q&A (5 minutes)
- Recap of key points covered in the crash course
- Open floor for questions and answers

Note: The time allocation for each section can be adjusted based on the specific needs and pace of the audience.

*** Upon completion of workshop, a $200 HKD coffee coupon will be given to purchase products on ***


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