Hh - Honduras El Puente Hanabi Catuai
Hh - Honduras El Puente Hanabi Catuai
Hh - Honduras El Puente Hanabi Catuai

Hh - Honduras El Puente Hanabi Catuai

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Honduras El Puente Hanabi

Low Temperature Anaerobic Natural


1560m ASL



Tasting Notes
Purple Grape / Blueberry / Tropical fruit / Chocolate / High sweetness & body

Roaster’s Notes

We love coffee from Honduras and we love El Puente even more! We have also put sustainability and ESG on focus and also won the champion of 2016 Cup of Excellence. 

This Catuai has undergone an unique processing method in order to fully exhibit the fruitiness of this coffee. First the cherries were placed in a sealed container for simple fermentation for three days under 22 degree Celsius. Then cherries were moved to raised beds in green house for natural process for 25 days until the optimal water content has reached in order to generate the complexity and delicate acidity.

This coffee is packed with purple grapes and sweetness and roasted to light roast level. We recommend to brew this coffee with lower than normal water temperature to highlight these characters.