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Contour Drip

Contour Drip

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Hello world,

Contour drip is designed for excellent cup quality with variable flow control to achieve best desired taste. We have been researching the best geometries for specialty coffee dripper for the past two years. The result is phenomenon with great aroma; flavor profile; acidity; body and balance and we can’t wait to share it to the world.

Who are we?

We are coming from a team of coffee professionals working in the industry with background ranging from product designer to mechanical engineerer. Coffee is our passion and we ask how to make it taste even better? We applied ourselves running 3D design and modeling; testing and brewing for the past two years and finally come to this answer.

What is Contour designed for?

Contour is designed for everyone from home brewers to baristas. It is very simple to achieve a consistently great cup of coffee and if you are a coffee geek like us, Contour is great to explore different recipes to create different cup profiles with efficient extraction.

What is the difference of Contour compare to others?

Contour comes with two inter-changeable food grade silicon ”Bases” which provide two different flow rate during coffee extraction. This gives more flexibilty to brewers to chose and customise their coffee. These different flow profiles create two complete taste profiles as one being more vibrant focusing on producing bright acidity while the other is focusing on sweeter cup. Because of the geometry of Contour, it can always create a round and syrupy mouthfeel with pour over. We are meanwhile developing some more ”base” for more interesting cup profile.

What is Contour made of?

Contour is made of two major components with different material. The top or the ”Collar” is made of ceramic which has a high specify heat capacity. The ”Collar” can retain more heat energy and stablise the brew temperature even if the environment has changed. The bottom part or ”Base” is made of food grade silicon which on the other hand is very temperature stable and being a great insolator. This can greatly reduce heat lose at the bottom part of the dripper where extraction is taken place.

 Flat basket shape is to create even extraction for best texture and body which compatible to most of the flat bottom filter papers out there.
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