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Ab - Miss Atomic Bomb Espresso Fruity Blend Medium Light Roast

Ab - Miss Atomic Bomb Espresso Fruity Blend Medium Light Roast

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Specialty Espresso Fruity Blend

Natural Ethiopia Bensa Dembi G1 / Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka “SPP:Marta Alemu” G1 / Washed Ethiopia Arsi Riripa G1 

Espresso Light

Tasting Notes
Jackfruit / Kiwi / Mango / Tropical Cocktail / Purple Flower

A fruity bomb possibility better than a lot of single origin espresso with this complexity and sweetness.

The devil is in the detail. This is our proud creation this year with meticulous bean selections, roast profiles, proportion and a lot of tastings. Finally its here and we are happy to share this wonderful and fruitful espresso blend with you. It is light roast with a sweeter development, with a good extraction you can easily discover high sweetness packed with punch and sweetness. It is the espresso blend perfect for both black and milk coffee!


Recommended Target Recipe

Dosage 20g (+- 0.5g)

Brew ratio 1:2.1

Extracted Volume 42.0g

Target Extraction Time: 23sec (+-3sec)

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Adams
Exceptionally tasty!

Dialed in this coffee this morning and what a wonderful cup it makes! Very fruity and pairing well with some milk. Definitely picking up on some of the kiwi and jackfruit flavours from the profile description. Would recommend to anyone interested in experimenting with some of the funk on naturally processed coffees. Will buy again!