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* Serve at Brewjob CityPlaza 4 and Brewjob Star Ferry Central subject to availability *

 All Pour Over brewed with @Countourdrip 


Bonus recipe:

2018 HK AeroPress Champion Recipe

1.Coarsely grind 30g coffee (really coarse like rock salt or try the coarsest setting on you grinder and then dial finer later)

2. Add coffee into a inverted Aeropress

3. Add 125g 83 degree C water (0:00-0:15)

4. Use the other end of a spoon to stir 10-15 times (0:15-0:30)

5. Flip the Aeropress and let it settle

6. At 1:00 starting pressing gently until 1:15

7. Add (bypass) 75-80ml warm water until you hit your favourite intensity



-Highlight the acidity and juiciness of the coffee, body is much round than normal filter coffee.

-Winning the 2018 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship?

-Fast and easy. Anyone we mean ANYONE can make it!


-Using way tooooooo much of coffee but worth it!

-Not suitable if you don't like too acidic coffee.


Normally we recommend using any of our filter roast coffee. Haven't tested on darker roast yet!




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