GN26 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic
GN26 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

GN26 - Abu Geisha Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

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Brewers Cup Competition Lot 


100g vacuum sealed 


Panama Abu Coffee


Natural Double Phase Anaerobic

The cherries are hand collected in the optimum maturation point, then hand-selected and floated with mountain spring water. The whole cherries are fermented for 24 hours in open tanks. Once this first stage is finished, the cherries go through a second phase of anaerobic dry process for 72 hours. After the fermentation is completed, the cherries are transferred manually to the African raised beds to the final sun-dried stage for 25 days.






Competition Roast (Roast to order)

Tasting Notes

Fragrance and Aroma: Jasmine, honey suckle, and caramel

Taste and aftertaste: Lavender, orange blossom, cherry, strawberry, mango, passion fruits, cacao nibs, lemongrass and creamy body.


Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Store in fridge (0-4C) for prolong period. Consume as soon as possible once the vacuum seal is opened.

Tasting Instruction

Day 0-5: Degas

Day 5-10: roastwork recommendation period, Acidity focus

Day 10-16: Fruit Intense

Day 16-30: Balance focus

Day 30+: Sweetness focus, potential acidity and flavor depreciation