2024 Hong Kong AeroPress Championship

2024 Hong Kong AeroPress Championship

Theme for this year’s AeroPress: Summer, Sports, Graffiti



Event Details 活動詳情
Date 日期 : 19 - 21 July, 2024
Location 地點 : The Qube, PMQ

Beyond the exhilarating competition, this year's Hong Kong Aeropress Championship brings a captivating array of off-stage events for both competitors and spectators to immerse themselves in. Among these highlights is the exclusive invitation of esteemed coffee champions from overseas, including Ono Hikaru of Brewman in Japan and Jhon Richard Christhoper of Fugol Coffee Roaster in Indonesia.

今年的愛樂壓大賽除了比賽以外,更有一系列的場外活動讓選手和現場觀眾參加 —— 其中就是我們特地從海外邀請咖啡冠軍,分別是來自日本 Brewman 的 Ono Hikaru 和 印尼 Fugol Coffee Roaster 的 Jhon Richard Christhoper。


1️⃣ Weekend Workshop & Champion Sharing 週末工作坊 以及 冠軍分享會 (July 20-21) @ PMQ Taste Library

2️⃣ Former AeroPress local and overseas champions battle 過去 AeroPress 本地和海外冠軍大對決!
—— Champions are going to share more brewing secrets during the battle 冠軍們將在其中親自傳授沖煮秘訣

3️⃣ Special retail coffee set and Free tasting from overseas coffee brand 與海外品牌活動限定咖啡豆套裝將在比賽期間岀售,更有免費試飲!

Don’t miss it and looking forward to seeing you guys sooon 🔥
絕對不容錯過 🔥