Latte Art Workshop

Latte Art Workshop

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Latte Art Workshop (For Beginners)

What To Expect?
● Introduction to Basic Espresso Making and operation of espresso machine
● Introduction to Steaming Milk Foam
● Free pouring Tutorial
● Basic Latte art Pattern (Heart, Tulip, Rosetta)

Our Goal
We want to gather coffee lovers no matter you are beginner or expert because we believe “Knowledge is where you connect and collaborate”.
This workshop will provide you basic knowledge on milk steaming and also offering you a real experience to make coffee behind the bar!

Date and Duration
22 July WED 7pm
25 July SAT 11am
13 August THU 7pm
22 August SAT 11am
1.5 -2 hrs

2/F, Cityplaza 4
12 Taikoo Wan Road, HK

Please leave us a message here or send us email if you request other timeslot.