Kenya Nyeri Natural Ruru
Kenya Nyeri Natural Ruru

Kenya Nyeri Natural Ruru

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Pinnacle Series Single Origin

100g glass recyclable bottle

Nyeri, Kenya


SL28 / SL34 / Ruiru11 / Batian 


Tasting Notes
Mango / Passionfruit / Grapefruit / Raspberry

Brewing Notes
Higher brewing temperature is recommended.

Roasters Notes
Due to traditional government rules in Kenya, coffee farmers have had a difficult time to generate cash flow and be focused on quality of the coffee. Instead the weight system encourages farmers to over-fertilize the land which is causing a long term effect in Kenya production.  

We are happy to work with Tri-up who has decided to change the dynamics of Kenyan coffee by contracting with farmers directly. Keeping a healthy cash flow at farm level, education on green coffee quality is also provided in late 2020 to create this exciting 2021 harvest which a significant change has been observed. We have selected a extreme quality Natural process Kenya coffee just to keep things interesting and also makes those 186 farmers happy at Ruru.

Kenyan coffee has always been one of our favorite due to its clean cup and sweetness. This time by adding some extra natural flavor we will see how you like it.