Kenya Kathakwa PB micro-lot
Kenya Kathakwa PB micro-lot

Kenya Kathakwa PB micro-lot

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Single Origin Bean

Origin: Kenya Kathakwa PB TOP micro-lot

Process: Kenyan Washed (Double Fermentation)

Variety: SL28, SL34

Roast: Light 

Tasting note: They did it again! Another amazing micro-lot from Kenya and this is the PB Pea-Berry which is an absolute joy to roast with our high air flow roasting machine. We managed to bring out the bright and juicy plum, lemon, honey notes with an amazing round body. The double fermentation processing is contributing to its clean and transparent taste makes it super elegant and pleasure to enjoy!

Aroma       * * * *

Fruity         * * * * 


Aftertaste   * * * 

Acidity        * * * * *

Sweetness  * * * 


Body           * *