GW60 - Abu Geisha Double Phase Must Geisha Washed
GW60 - Abu Geisha Double Phase Must Geisha Washed

GW60 - Abu Geisha Double Phase Must Geisha Washed

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Brewers Cup Competition Lot 


100g vacuum sealed 


Panama Abu Coffee


Double Phase Must Washed

The cherries are hand collected in the optimum maturation point and then hand-selected. Then we apply a double phase process where the whole cherries are fermented for 48 hours in closed tanks mixed with Must, (juice from process). Then coffee cherries are pulped and “dry fermented” for 48 hours before being fully hand-washed with mountain spring water.

Once the coffee has been fully washed, it is dried on raised beds for 15 days.






Competition Roast (Roast to order)

Tasting Notes

Fragrance and Aroma: Jasmine

Taste and aftertaste: Jasmine, honey, orange, peach, lemongrass, panela, fruity, syrupy body, and long aftertaste


Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Store in fridge (0-4C) for prolong period. Consume as soon as possible once the vacuum seal is opened.

Tasting Instruction

Day 0-5: Degas

Day 5-10: roastwork recommendation period, Acidity focus

Day 10-16: Fruit Intense

Day 16-30: Balance focus

Day 30+: Sweetness focus, potential acidity and flavor depreciation