Ethiopia Wate COE Auction Lot Anaerobic Natural Kurume
Ethiopia Wate COE Auction Lot Anaerobic Natural Kurume

Ethiopia Wate COE Auction Lot Anaerobic Natural Kurume

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Pinnacle Series Single Origin

100g glass recyclable bottle

Hambella, Guji

Anaerobic Natural



Tasting Notes
Kiwi / Mango / Strawberry / Tropical 

Brewing Notes
Due to high density of this coffee please wait for around 2 weeks before this coffee fully opens up.

Roasters Notes
Being the COE#35 out of 1850 samples this auction lot from Wate has achieved great result. It takes up to 2 weeks after roast before this coffee “opens up” due to the fact that it is a extremely dense coffee. Gas within the core of the bean takes extra long time to escape in order to reach the peak of the flavor profile.

The Wate processing plant was only setup in 2019 located in Hambella region at an extreme high altitude at 2350-2450m asl. The harvest time around this area is usually a month later due to the high altitude, micro-climate induced high density coffee. Wate has some of the best processing facilities in order to produce some of the best coffee.

This coffee was carefully sorting out immature cherries and then put in a sealed container for anaerobic fermentation for 6 days at low temperature. Intense tropical fruit and berries notes are created without any overpowering over fermented notes. Then the coffee finishes on single layer African raised bed to complete the natural process.