Ethiopia 74110 Shakisso Olu
Ethiopia 74110 Shakisso Olu

Ethiopia 74110 Shakisso Olu

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Pinnacle Series Single Origin

100g glass recyclable bottle

Ethiopia Shakisso, Guji


Jarc74 74110


Tasting Notes
Jasmine / Lily / Lavender / Peach / Blueberry

We absolutely adore this coffee as it present some of the most lovely tasting notes that we could ask for! Packed with flowers this is a very enjoyable coffee to brew.

Olu is a coffee producer producing coffee in Shakisso situated at an altitude of 2150-2250m asl. We closely work with our green bean partner Tri-Up and started analyzing the varieties of the coffee from this piece of land to setup a Natural Process "Production House" and we discovered the common Jarc74 series of 74110 and 74112 two varieties.

The 74110 was created in the lab back in 1979. Their trees have very tiny leaves; fruits and coffee beans. 74110 usually can produce some white peach and lychee like aroma along with a lot of white floral notes. 

This Olu lot is utilizing one of the most simple and traditional natural process in order to highlight the sweetness of this coffee. Making use of a single layered African bed to enhance the quality and terrior of this 74110.