El Salvador Divisadero Natural

El Salvador Divisadero Natural

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Single Origin

El Salvador Divisadero Finca Himalaya

Divisadero is a parcel on Mauricio A. Salaverria’s family farm, Finca Himalaya. Finca Himalaya sits at 1500m above sea level on the Apaneca mountains. Mauricio is a 6th generation coffee producer working on lands his family have cultivated since the mid 1800s. They produced the first Natural lot to score in the top 10 at El Salvador’s Cup of Excellent and has garnered several more top 10 placements since then. Divisadero, which means “vast views”, is named for the beautiful view from the parcel. The region’s rich volcanic soil provides plenty of nutrients. Ripe, red cherry is selectively handpicked and processed at their micro mill where cherry is laid in thick layers on raised beds. For the first few days, these thick layers will enhance flavor by promoting light fermentation in the cherry. After few days, cherry is spread in thin layers and turned frequently to ensure even drying. It takes about 23-25 days to dry.




Bourbon / Pacas




Tasting Notes
Bergamot / Blood orange / Berry / Raisin / brown sugar finish



Aroma 4/5

Body  2/5

Aftertaste 3/5

Fruitiness 4/5

Nuttiness 1/5

Acidity 3.5/5

Sweetness 4.5/5

Bitterness 1/5