<Break even deal> Ex - Competition Sky Project Ethiopia 74158
<Break even deal> Ex - Competition Sky Project Ethiopia 74158
<Break even deal> Ex - Competition Sky Project Ethiopia 74158
<Break even deal> Ex - Competition Sky Project Ethiopia 74158

Ex - Competition Sky Project Ethiopia 74158

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Brewers Cup Competition Lot 

100g vacuum sealed 

All, Sidama, Ethiopia Sky Project

Tri-Up Special TIM Natural


2500m MSL

JARC 74158

Competition Roast (Roast to order)

Tasting Notes
Passionfruit / Lychee / Pineapple / Mangosteen / Mango / Lemon Tea finish / Tropical / Lactic Acidity

Sky Project is aiming to bring the best of the origin. At the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, highest grown cherries are sourced to showcase the true color of Ethiopia. In Alo village, an extreme high land located at 2500-2550amsl was discovered resulting in extreme slow maturation which intensified the flavor of this coffee. The harvesting period is one month on average later than any other region results in sweeter and more complex cup profile.

74158 is one of the JARC varietals. It is developed from Metu Bihari area which is also known for Illubabor zone. With its unique cup profile there will also be more floral as well as classic stone fruit in the cup.

Tri-Up TIM Natural process is a terroir intensified maceration natural process. Cherries are fermented with local microbes collected in the land nearby and a controlled fermentation environment are created specially for the local microbes to propagate. A higher sweetness and more balanced cup profile therefore created as well as complex and harmonious cup are found.


-Perfect cherries selected with Brix over 24%

-Under water local microbes fermentation for 10 days ( 6 days low temperature; 4 days warm temperature)

-35 days raised bed drying under shade


Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Store in fridge (0-4C) for prolong period. Consume as soon as possible once the vacuum seal is opened.

Tasting Instruction

Day 0-3: Degas

Day 4-7: roastwork recommendation period, Acidity focus

Day 8-14: Fruit Intense

Day 14-30: Balance focus

Day 30+: Sweetness focus, potential acidity and flavor depreciation