Kenya Kiruga AA Top

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Process: Single Origin Washed Filter

Region & Cultivar: Kibugu. Embu. 1600m ASL. AA Top. SL28 SL34.

Tasting Notes: Plum. Fuji Apple. Sugar Cane. Juicy.

Weight: 150g per Pack

Shipping: Ship within 3 to 5 working days. Free of charge!

"Ngerwe Factory is owned by the Kibugu Farmer Cooperative Society (F.C.S). More than 550 farmers deliver ripe cherry to the factory, where it is sorted, depulped with a traditional disc pulper, and fermented overnight before washing. It is washed, soaked, and laid out on raised beds to dry over the course of 7-15 days. Farmer members of the Kibugu F.C.S. are able to participate in practice seminars, and have access to sustainable-farming handbooks and pre-financing to pay for supplies, inputs and school fees for children."

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