Colombia Milton Javier Double Anaerobic Nitrogen Flushed
Colombia Milton Javier Double Anaerobic Nitrogen Flushed

Colombia Milton Javier Double Anaerobic Nitrogen Flushed

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Pinnacle Series Single Origin

100g glass recyclable bottle

Huila Columbia 

Nitrogen Flushed Double Anaerobic Natural



Tasting Notes
Red Grape / Plum / Floral / Black Tea / Chocolate 

Brewing Notes
We suggest using lower brew temperature to highlight the lovely acidity in this coffee.

Roasters Notes
Milton is a new generation young motivated coffee producer from Huila Acevedo. This Milton Javier is a special custom made double anaerobic fermentation Castillo coffee. This unique nitrogen flushed instead of carbon dioxide flush can greatly reduce the drop of PH during fermentation which give a much balanced cup. This coffee has gone through two times of fermentation. The first involves nitrogen flushed anaerobic fermentation for 5 days in order to cultivate different bacteria for the next stage. The second fermentation is done in a wooden barrel which allows limited airflow to moderate temperature raise due to fermentation. After 5 days cherries are sun dried on raised bed for 3 weeks.

This coffee is focusing on fermentation and with a lot of effect and research has been put in. We are excited to work with this coffee and hope you will enjoy the complexity of this amazing coffee.