Brazil Ipanema Premier CRU C38 Fruity

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Brazil Ipanema Premier CRU C38 Fruity


Process: Single Origin Natural Filter

Region & Cultivar: Serra Da Mantiqueira 108901143M ASL. Yellow Catuai.

Tasting Notes: Plum. Prune. Berries. Tropical Fruits.

Weight: 150g per Pack

Shipping: Roast to Order and ship within 7 to 10 working days. Free of charge!

Surrounded by 900 hectares with forests, environmental protection areas and 51 springs, the coffee fields are spread over more than 626 hectares in the heart of Mantiqueira hills. Following diverse harvesting method and processing the technics in innovative milling facility, the farm can produce unique micro-lots with several taste profiles. The artisanal meets modernisation in all-stain-less-steel machinery, three stages of cherry cleaning, a color sorting equipment able to separate different bean maturations and layered vertical dryers for small batches.

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