1.Coarsely grind 30g coffee (really coarse like rock salt or try the coarsest setting on you grinder and then dial finer later)

2. Add coffee into a inverted Aeropress

3. Add 125g 83 degree C water (0:00-0:15)

4. Use the other end of a spoon to stir 10-15 times (0:15-0:30)

5. Flip the Aeropress and let it settle

6. At 1:00 starting pressing gently until 1:15

7. Add (bypass) 75-80ml warm water until you hit your favourite intensity



-Highlight the acidity and juiciness of the coffee, body is much round than normal filter coffee.

-Winning the 2018 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship?

-Fast and easy. Anyone we mean ANYONE can make it!


-Using way tooooooo much of coffee but worth it!

-Not suitable if you don't like too acidic coffee.


Normally we recommend using any of our filter roast coffee. Haven't tested on darker roast yet!




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